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This captivating new documentary transports viewers to a 350-year-old home in Concord, Massachusetts with a historical and literary significance unlike any other

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It is here that the beloved classic, Little Women, was written and set in 1868.  With a nurturing, talented family as owners and literary giants Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Nathaniel Hawthorne as neighbors, Orchard House uniquely inspired Louisa May Alcott to create timeless characters and scenarios for a book that has never been out of print.  The novel not only redefined American literature, but has been translated into over 50 languages, serving as a universal touchstone for feminism, social justice, and the profound value of family and friends. The cultural impact of Little Women therefore crosses international borders and remains refreshingly relevant in the political climate of the 21st Century.

Orchard House:  Home of Little Women

uncovers a fascinating piece of living history — a pilgrimage site for scholars and fans alike.  This enduring and lively house museum speaks to the power of place in a way few American homes ever have ... or ever will.  Not only does this 27-minute documentary explore the home and the quintessential American family who lived there, but viewers will also discover a saga of historic preservation and ongoing cultural work that is daunting, poignant, and triumphant.  This is the story of a home and a book that changed everything. 

The film reveals the powerful historical, literary, and very human elements of this home and the people who lived there. Combining archival photographs with insightful letters and journal entries from one of the most well-documented families in American literary history, the documentary is filled with insights from scholars and fans alike, including world class artists, Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, First Ladies, and visitors. This is a family-friendly film -- an entertaining and informative way to explore Orchard House through a remarkable narrative that has remained untold ... until now.

Why a Documentary?

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Learn how a century-long yearning to tell the stories of a "dear old house" led to tenacious efforts to create a documentary worthy of the irreplaceable home's vital history 

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Meet the Team

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 In addition to hundreds of generous donors -- without whom the documentary would not have been possible -- a core group of creative individuals doggedly worked to make this film a reality 

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News about the Film

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Find out how our documentary is reaching audiences around the country and garnering recognition and praise from fans and film aficionados alike

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Discover Orchard House

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Plan a visit to tour, participate in educational programs, or enjoy special events at this treasured historic site dedicated to preserving the legacy of three centuries of courageous, progressive families  

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Celebrate Little Women

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Join in honoring the many reasons this semi-autobiographical coming of age story has continuously been in print since 1868, and consistently beloved by readers

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